Top 9 Tourists Attractions In Iceland

Iceland is a small beautiful country that offers an array of sights and attractions for travelers. From awe-inspiring geysers to picturesque waterfalls, majestic glacial lagoons, lush green valleys, and enchanting northern lights, there are plenty of incredible places to explore in Iceland.

The country’s landscape is unlike any other you will ever experience. There are snow-capped mountains, volcanoes and lava fields that offer a unique backdrop for exploration. Apart from its stunning natural beauty, Iceland is also known for its unique cultural heritage which includes ancient Viking settlements and exquisite churches with beautiful architecture.

Here are the top 9 tourist attractions in Iceland:

1. Blue Lagoon – Located in the heart of Reykjanes Peninsula near Grindavik village, this geothermal spa is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. The lagoon gets its blue color due to its high mineral content like silica and sulfur which comes from volcanic soil around it. Besides soaking in the warm waters of this spa, visitors can also enjoy luxurious treatments such as massages and facials here.

2. The Golden Circle – This scenic route comprises three major destinations – Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and Geysir hot springs area that offer breathtaking views of Icelandic landscape. Thingvellir National Park is a site of historical importance as it was here where Althingi (the world’s first parliament) was established in 930 AD while Gullfoss waterfall cascades down into two tiers creating an impressive view and Geysir hot springs area houses some of the most active geysers in the world including Strokkur which spouts water every 8 minutes or so.

3. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – Situated at the edge of Vatnajökull Glacier, this stunning glacial lagoon has become one of Iceland’s top attractions by virtue of its ethereal beauty that captivates everyone who sets eyes on it. As well as relishing spectacular views over the lake filled with floating icebergs from different sizes, visitors can also go kayaking or take boat tours through the lagoon to get up close with these magnificent glaciers.

4. Hallgrimskirkja Church – This iconic church is not only one of Reykjavik’s most recognizable landmarks but also one of Iceland’s most historic religious sites due to its strong ties to Lutheranism since 17th century when it first opened its doors to public worshipers after being destroyed by an earthquake only few years prior to that time period.. It features a marvelous tower with a viewing deck offering mesmerizing views over Reykjavik cityscape along with intricate stained glass windows depicting Lutheran stories inside the building itself making it worthy place for both sightseeing and spiritual reflection alike .

5. Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights appear seasonally over Icelandic skies during winter months between September and April at their peak intensity providing unique opportunity for watching nature’s breathtaking display of colors during those long frosty nights . Even though there are no guarantees on seeing them since they depend upon weather conditions , witnessing this amazing light show is surely something worth doing while visiting Iceland especially if you have time to stay longer during autumn or spring seasons when chances further increase substantially .

6. Svartifoss Waterfall – It lies within Skaftafell National Park , situated nearby Vatnajokull Glacier . This Black Waterfall or Svartifoss got its name from black basalt columns around it that make up a unique frame for cascading waters beneath them . A hike towards this waterfall may take about 20 minutes depending on route taken but once you get there , all effort will be rewarded significantly thanks to astounding views offered by fjords located just a few miles away from here .

7 . Whale Watching Tours – As well as observing diverse birdlife such as puffins , whales can often be seen swimming around coasts off North Atlantic Ocean side particularly during summer when their presence increases notably giving travelers chance to witness their majestic behavior firsthand while enjoying cruise adventures organized by various tour companies operating out different harbor cities located nearby Reykjavik capital area regionally speaking ..

8 . Reykjavik City Center – Being largest city in Iceland , capital city Reykjavik offers variety activities aimed both locals and tourists alike including several museums showcasing local culture & history plus numerous shopping outlets catering shopping needs regardless budget constraints customers might have .. Additionally , night life scene here is quite vibrant especially late evenings when numerous pubs , bars & clubs open their doors until early morning hours welcoming those interested into world renowned Icelandic music & dance styles ..

9 . Vestmannaeyjar Islands – Located off South coast mainland , these Westman Islands house some excellent natural sites such as sea cliffs full seagull colonies nesting above them or lava fields formed after volcanic eruption few decades ago .. Travelers can take boat tours departing from Reykjavik harbor which usually go through entire island chain while providing visitors opportunity to witness some of Iceland’s most spectacular landscapes as well as friendly local inhabitants residing here and now ..

All in all, Iceland has plenty of sights and attractions to offer tourists and locals alike. From glaciers to churches, waterfalls to whale watching tours, the country is a paradise for those who appreciate adventure and natural beauty. Make sure to plan your trip carefully if you want to make the most out of it. Be prepared for cold weather during winter months but also keep in mind that these same temperatures bring Northern Lights – one of nature’s wonders – over Icelandic skies. With all the diverse activities available and breathtaking views, Iceland is a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.


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