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A Castle

Would you want to spend your afterlife residing in a castle if you had the option? It appears that many of the past residents, who came from quite various historical periods, have made that decision. Some are more innocent and charming than others.

A famous feature in Springfield is the old Pythian Castle. The Knights of Pythias, a group of Catholic clerics, constructed it. The castle was incorporated by the Knights of the Order of the Saints in 1913, who also invested $100,000 in building it. Up until World War II, the castle was a children’s home before becoming a hospital section. It was transformed into a social club for injured servicemen in the 1960s. 1451 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802 is where it is located.

Pythian’s Thrilling History

The structure is a landmark in Springfield, Missouri. The Knights of Pythias constructed it in 1913, and the U.S. military eventually acquired it. Italian and German prisoners of war were brought to the facility for medical attention during World War II. After being taken prisoner by the Japanese, the Italian and German POWs received care here. Many of them never left the institution despite receiving treatment there and being granted new lives.

An old structure called the Pythian Castle is said to be haunted. The building is both haunted and the location of several haunted house tours and events. By visiting this historical location, visitors might feel the haunting presence of ghosts. The only structure in the Midwest that has been confirmed to be haunted is this one. The place has been mentioned in a lot of documentaries, TV shows, novels, and other media. Don’t forget to read the article after that.

Pythian Castle has a remarkable history. The castle and a separate power plant for the orphanage were constructed in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias. Along with a meeting place, the Knights added a ballroom to the castle. The building is still in fine condition, and the Knights frequently host both special events and paranormal activities. The castle’s website has further information about its history.

The Pythian Castle was first constructed as an orphanage for Order of the Knights of Pythias members’ children. The structure served as a POW camp and a treatment facility for American service members during World War II. A dancing hall operated out of the castle in the 1940s. The castle was acquired by Finocchiaro, who utilised it as a banquet hall.

Ghost Tours

The history of Pythian Castle may be experienced in a variety of ways. The museum provides guided tours, interactive dinner theatre mysteries, and escape rooms with a theme. Book a dinner theatre package for the most engaging experience. Additionally, Pythian Castle Springfield offers a wide range of additional options for your experience. They’re all interesting to learn about and worth seeing. You will be astounded by the city’s history’s effect on the culture and history of the city if you visit the Pythian Castle.

The prices are just reasonable, with History Tours only $8.50, Night Ghost Tours costing $16, and Murder Mystery Dinner costing $43. If the tour minimum is reached and there is room, tickets may be purchased at the door.

Plan a visit at your best time to experience history never before.


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