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A Castle

Would you want to spend your afterlife residing in a castle if you had the option? It appears that many of the past residents, who came from quite various historical periods, have made that decision. Some are more innocent and charming than others.

A famous feature in Springfield is the old Pythian Castle. The Knights of Pythias, a group of Catholic clerics, constructed it. The castle was incorporated by the Knights of the Order of the Saints in 1913, who also invested $100,000 in building it. Up until World War II, the castle was a children’s home before becoming a hospital section. It was transformed into a social club for injured servicemen in the 1960s. 1451 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802 is where it is located.

Pythian’s Thrilling History

The structure is a landmark in Springfield, Missouri. The Knights of Pythias constructed it in 1913, and the U.S. military eventually acquired it. Italian and German prisoners of war were brought to the facility for medical attention during World War II. After being taken prisoner by the Japanese, the Italian and German POWs received care here. Many of them never left the institution despite receiving treatment there and being granted new lives.

An old structure called the Pythian Castle is said to be haunted. The building is both haunted and the location of several haunted house tours and events. By visiting this historical location, visitors might feel the haunting presence of ghosts. The only structure in the Midwest that has been confirmed to be haunted is this one. The place has been mentioned in a lot of documentaries, TV shows, novels, and other media. Don’t forget to read the article after that.

Pythian Castle has a remarkable history. The castle and a separate power plant for the orphanage were constructed in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias. Along with a meeting place, the Knights added a ballroom to the castle. The building is still in fine condition, and the Knights frequently host both special events and paranormal activities. The castle’s website has further information about its history.

The Pythian Castle was first constructed as an orphanage for Order of the Knights of Pythias members’ children. The structure served as a POW camp and a treatment facility for American service members during World War II. A dancing hall operated out of the castle in the 1940s. The castle was acquired by Finocchiaro, who utilised it as a banquet hall.

Ghost Tours

The history of Pythian Castle may be experienced in a variety of ways. The museum provides guided tours, interactive dinner theatre mysteries, and escape rooms with a theme. Book a dinner theatre package for the most engaging experience. Additionally, Pythian Castle Springfield offers a wide range of additional options for your experience. They’re all interesting to learn about and worth seeing. You will be astounded by the city’s history’s effect on the culture and history of the city if you visit the Pythian Castle.

The prices are just reasonable, with History Tours only $8.50, Night Ghost Tours costing $16, and Murder Mystery Dinner costing $43. If the tour minimum is reached and there is room, tickets may be purchased at the door.

Plan a visit at your best time to experience history never before.

A woman taking a selfie with a sheep.

It’s challenging to choose a park for a profile that offers just as much enjoyment in the winter as it does in more warmer months. However, Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park (3825 West Farm Road, Springfield, 417-837-5949) fits firmly into that description. We adore it for its adaptability to families and its community-building activities that celebrate the seasons.

The 207-acre park offers year-round farm-themed activities that delight children. Numerous additional creatures, including hens, pheasants, cows, and wallowing pigs, are also available to watch and handle, including goats, miniature horses, and lambs. Even the multi-level playground has a farm motif, resembling a large red barn and offering lots of opportunities to climb, slide, and hide. If you’re that sort of parent, you may browse the gift shop or stay far away from it. Additionally, you can get some exercise while keeping up with the kids as they consume all things animal-related.

Check out one of the top year-round, family-friendly activities in the area as you go into the frigid winter days and seek ideas for some outdoor fun.

Love of Animals

This is where Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park gets its heart and soul. The 207-acre park offers children the chance to see farm animals including pigs wallowing in the mud, goats crawling around their cages, miniature horses and donkeys, fluffy lambs, and feathered companions like chicks and turkeys. There are chances to learn about farming during special events and at the animal barn, where visitors may act out the process of milking a dairy cow.

For Relaxing Nights Out

The autumnal trinity of warm marshmallow s’mores, crisp fall air, and a starry night sky is irresistible. You may schedule a campfire at the quaint outdoor fire pit at Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park by making an appointment. The roasting sticks, hot dogs, and marshmallows are on you; you provide the wood for the fire and the seats.

For holiday adventurers

Despite the end of fall activities like Rutledge-Harvest Wilson’s Fest, which featured a pumpkin farm and corn maze, the winter holiday season is just getting started. Every holiday season, the park puts on Candy Cane Lane, a drive-through light show with more than 10,000 lights dispersed among several farm-themed sceneries. The festival will begin the next month on December 3-5, 10-12, and 17-19 from 5-8 p.m.; entry is $5 per car.

For Kids Who Love Adventure

Children who want to run about may also explore the park by climbing on the multi-story playground with a barn motif. And if they don’t use all of their excitable energy there, they may scurry across to the section where there are pedal tractors close to the tourist centre. Additionally, people may walk down to the pond and spend $5 per person fishing there. It is stocked with fish, and the visitor centre sells equipment and bait rentals. Only catch-and-release fishing is allowed, allowing you to enjoy the sport without having to bring anything back to your house.

Simply said, free kid-friendly entertainment is the best! Animal food containers are available for purchase for $4 each. The little ones may handle and feed mini horses, chickens, goats, cows, and other animals. A wonderful playground for children is available, and there are picnic tables and shade for parents. Really a lovely site to spend a day with the family. Visit with your loved ones and enjoy to be a child with your loved ones. 

Kids having fun at the playhouse.

Bigger is supposedly better, although none of us has ever been completely convinced of this. People under the age of 10 are typically the citizens whose advice we value the most. Itty Bitty City, an imaginative play facility for children aged 8 and under, debuted in Springfield, and everyone was naturally thrilled. It is every child’s fantasy to see it at 3640 S. Campbell Ave. in Springfield.

Conceiving Itty Bitty City Idea

Rechkemmer spent eight years working for and two years leading the education department at The Discovery Center of Springfield prior to staying at home with her children. She and her husband, Craig, came up with the idea for Itty Bitty City a little over a year ago when they were having trouble finding a family-friendly New Year’s Eve trip. Despite the fact that their children, who are now 8 and 10, are a little older than the target audience for Itty Bitty City, the family places a high priority on imaginative play. What relevance does that have to Itty Bitty City’s goals? Playology, which Rechkemmer defines as “the art and science of learning via play,” is where it all begins, in her opinion.

Thus, the workers in Itty Bitty City are “playologists.” The work of a playologist isn’t all fun and games, make no mistake. Working at Itty Bitty City is beneficial experience for the majority of the employees since they are studying early childhood development, primary teaching, or theatre.

Mesmerizing View of the Itty Bitty City

As you enter Itty Bitty City, you experience wonder. Where should I start? The Main Street strip is made up of two long walls of play enterprises and six standalone structures. The structures are incredibly intricate and have mailboxes for children and flower boxes all over them. Kids may play shopper or cashier at the store, which is loaded with fresh produce. In the Itty Bitty Animal Hospital, where they coo over plush red pandas and three-toed sloths, you can observe youngsters hard at work. There is a nursing room, a 17-foot-long train table, and a birthday celebration area that also serves as a learning centre.

Kids can dress up as the local mailman, police officers who protect the peace, or firefighters who come to the rescue. Next to the fire station, a home marked “rescue” sputters, with orange fabric flames leaping from the top. Rechkemmer laughs and states, “It’s a losing endeavour.

Itty Bitty’s Educational Side

Itty Bitty City provides educational story times, lectures, and workshops in addition to creative play. The area is totally ADA accessible and might be a resource for parents who wish to monitor their child’s growth. Rechkemmer believes it’s wonderful for parents to be able to see how their children are growing and relating to others. Itty Bitty City encourages unrestrained creativity and provides children with tools to explore their ideas and wildest ambitions. One thing is certain: It’s okay to be little.

Visit Itty Bitty City anytime time throughout the week and get your kids a cute journey of a world which they long wish for. This trip is definitely going to be the best memory of your kids.

people reading map in the middle of the street.

In search of your next memorable family adventure? The entrance to the great outdoors and much more is Springfield, Missouri. Springfield, which is tucked away in the heart of the Ozarks, envelops you in a cosy, small-town atmosphere. With access to exciting metropolitan facilities and a wealth of outdoor activities, it’s the ideal vacation spot for both nature enthusiasts and urban adventurers. Food is one item that everyone in the family can agree on! Additionally, the food and beverage culture in Springfield is fantastic. Find out why Springfield will be your most unforgettable vacation in the following reasons!

Relationship with the Outdoors

Springfield is the ideal location for you if you enjoy being outside. Numerous parks and trails around the city are ideal for hiking, riding, and other outdoor activities. The renowned Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium, the Dickerson Park Zoo, the Wild Animal Safari, several caverns, and other attractions are all located in Springfield.

Countless Museums

Springfield has a long history, dating back to the first known Wild West shootout and the creation of Route 66. To learn about Springfield’s past, go to the History Museum on the Square, and to see nature up close, go to Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium. Don’t forget to check out the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, NRA Museum, Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, Route 66 Car Museum, Springfield Art Museum, and several more attractions.

Incredible Dining Experiments

In search of delectable eating options? Springfield has more than 700 restaurants in the city and neighbouring regions, so you can find practically every style of food there. Visit Leong’s Asian Diner, which is run by the sons of David Leong, the creator of Springfield-style cashew chicken, and try their cashew chicken. You can’t go wrong with Pineapple Whip or Andy’s Frozen Custard for dessert. To find out what restaurants Springfield is famous for, check our post on Iconic Springfield Eats and our restaurant page.

Ample Shopping

Did you know that the main reason people travel to Springfield is to shop? JCPenney, two Dillard’s shops, and Macy’s are the mall’s anchor stores, and it has 153 retailers totaling 1.2 million square feet of space. The Brentwood Center, which located across the street, is home to several independently owned shops, eateries, and salons. Numerous unusual boutiques, flea markets, and antique shops may be found all around the city.

Visit one of the four farmers’ markets in the Ozarks for homegrown goods including fresh vegetables, handmade crafts, candles, and delectable snacks.

Other neighbourhood businesses may be found strewn throughout Springfield on Commercial Street and in the downtown area.

Includes Several Caves

The Cave State has long been a nickname for Missouri. Visitors and residents of Missouri may explore some of the state’s most stunning and expansive subterranean caverns, with over 7,000 caves reported in the karst geology of the state.

Fantastic Caverns is one of Missouri’s most well-known caves. As the only ride-through cave in North America, visitors can unwind in the spacious red trams, which can also accommodate wheelchairs, as cave guides stop along the route to share information about the cave’s fascinating history, how it was discovered, and lessons about the geology and ecosystems of the Ozarks.

Travel to Missouri’s Ozark to Smallin Civil War Cave. A stunning 11-story arch in the cave transports you back in time. View 200-year-old cave artwork, fossils, and unusual crayfish along with endangered blind cave salamanders, several types of bats, and unique crayfish throughout the walk on a paved route. With Smallin Civil War Cave’s special lantern excursions, you may explore the cave by lantern in the fall.

Seek for further caverns in the region, including Talking Rocks Cavern in Branson, Giboney Cave in Doling Park in north Springfield, Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City, and others, including the Silver Dollar City amusement park.


The entire family is welcome in Springfield! Numerous family-friendly attractions are available in the city. For close encounters with wildlife, visit the Wild Animal Safari and Dickerson Park Zoo. Itty Bitty City and The Discovery Center are excellent options for younger children who are eager to learn and explore. Even the pickiest eaters may find kid-friendly selections at many restaurants.

Craft Breweries

You’re in luck if you enjoy beer. There are a dozen independently owned artisan wineries, distilleries, and breweries in the region. For a totally free self-guided tour of the local breweries, check out the Tap and Pour Craft Beverage tour. You can obtain a free t-shirt if you visit ten or more locations!

The Arts Center

Within the boundaries of the city, discover top-notch entertainment and art. Watch Springfield Regional Opera, Springfield Symphony Orchestra, and Springfield Ballet performances. Visit the Springfield Little Theatre for various shows every few months if you enjoy having a good time with youngsters.

Beautiful works of art as well as touring exhibits may be seen at the Springfield Art Museum. The ever-evolving Springfield Sculpture Walk downtown and the city’s more than 40 murals are both free to view.

Numerous Important Events

In Springfield, there is never a lack of things to do. There is always something to look forward to, from the Annual Ozark Empire Fair in July and August to Artsfest in the spring and the Christmas Parade in the winter. To find out what’s happening while you’re in Springfield, look at our events calendar.

Route 66’s Original Location

The Colonial Hotel in Springfield, which is now gone, sent a telegraph on April 30, 1926, suggesting that the route from Chicago to Los Angeles be given the moniker Route 66. Since then, Springfield has earned the title of Route 66’s birthplace. As you go down Route 66, you can still see many of the shops and pieces of art that were formerly there.

We appreciate you having a look on this Springfield-related article. Visit our blog at “The Laser Studio” if you’re still interested in Springfield. For those who want to explore, we are the best in town.

Iceland is a small beautiful country that offers an array of sights and attractions for travelers. From awe-inspiring geysers to picturesque waterfalls, majestic glacial lagoons, lush green valleys, and enchanting northern lights, there are plenty of incredible places to explore in Iceland.

The country’s landscape is unlike any other you will ever experience. There are snow-capped mountains, volcanoes and lava fields that offer a unique backdrop for exploration. Apart from its stunning natural beauty, Iceland is also known for its unique cultural heritage which includes ancient Viking settlements and exquisite churches with beautiful architecture.

Here are the top 9 tourist attractions in Iceland:

1. Blue Lagoon – Located in the heart of Reykjanes Peninsula near Grindavik village, this geothermal spa is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. The lagoon gets its blue color due to its high mineral content like silica and sulfur which comes from volcanic soil around it. Besides soaking in the warm waters of this spa, visitors can also enjoy luxurious treatments such as massages and facials here.

2. The Golden Circle – This scenic route comprises three major destinations – Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and Geysir hot springs area that offer breathtaking views of Icelandic landscape. Thingvellir National Park is a site of historical importance as it was here where Althingi (the world’s first parliament) was established in 930 AD while Gullfoss waterfall cascades down into two tiers creating an impressive view and Geysir hot springs area houses some of the most active geysers in the world including Strokkur which spouts water every 8 minutes or so.

3. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – Situated at the edge of Vatnajökull Glacier, this stunning glacial lagoon has become one of Iceland’s top attractions by virtue of its ethereal beauty that captivates everyone who sets eyes on it. As well as relishing spectacular views over the lake filled with floating icebergs from different sizes, visitors can also go kayaking or take boat tours through the lagoon to get up close with these magnificent glaciers.

4. Hallgrimskirkja Church – This iconic church is not only one of Reykjavik’s most recognizable landmarks but also one of Iceland’s most historic religious sites due to its strong ties to Lutheranism since 17th century when it first opened its doors to public worshipers after being destroyed by an earthquake only few years prior to that time period.. It features a marvelous tower with a viewing deck offering mesmerizing views over Reykjavik cityscape along with intricate stained glass windows depicting Lutheran stories inside the building itself making it worthy place for both sightseeing and spiritual reflection alike .

5. Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights appear seasonally over Icelandic skies during winter months between September and April at their peak intensity providing unique opportunity for watching nature’s breathtaking display of colors during those long frosty nights . Even though there are no guarantees on seeing them since they depend upon weather conditions , witnessing this amazing light show is surely something worth doing while visiting Iceland especially if you have time to stay longer during autumn or spring seasons when chances further increase substantially .

6. Svartifoss Waterfall – It lies within Skaftafell National Park , situated nearby Vatnajokull Glacier . This Black Waterfall or Svartifoss got its name from black basalt columns around it that make up a unique frame for cascading waters beneath them . A hike towards this waterfall may take about 20 minutes depending on route taken but once you get there , all effort will be rewarded significantly thanks to astounding views offered by fjords located just a few miles away from here .

7 . Whale Watching Tours – As well as observing diverse birdlife such as puffins , whales can often be seen swimming around coasts off North Atlantic Ocean side particularly during summer when their presence increases notably giving travelers chance to witness their majestic behavior firsthand while enjoying cruise adventures organized by various tour companies operating out different harbor cities located nearby Reykjavik capital area regionally speaking ..

8 . Reykjavik City Center – Being largest city in Iceland , capital city Reykjavik offers variety activities aimed both locals and tourists alike including several museums showcasing local culture & history plus numerous shopping outlets catering shopping needs regardless budget constraints customers might have .. Additionally , night life scene here is quite vibrant especially late evenings when numerous pubs , bars & clubs open their doors until early morning hours welcoming those interested into world renowned Icelandic music & dance styles ..

9 . Vestmannaeyjar Islands – Located off South coast mainland , these Westman Islands house some excellent natural sites such as sea cliffs full seagull colonies nesting above them or lava fields formed after volcanic eruption few decades ago .. Travelers can take boat tours departing from Reykjavik harbor which usually go through entire island chain while providing visitors opportunity to witness some of Iceland’s most spectacular landscapes as well as friendly local inhabitants residing here and now ..

All in all, Iceland has plenty of sights and attractions to offer tourists and locals alike. From glaciers to churches, waterfalls to whale watching tours, the country is a paradise for those who appreciate adventure and natural beauty. Make sure to plan your trip carefully if you want to make the most out of it. Be prepared for cold weather during winter months but also keep in mind that these same temperatures bring Northern Lights – one of nature’s wonders – over Icelandic skies. With all the diverse activities available and breathtaking views, Iceland is a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.