Day: February 11, 2023

A woman taking a selfie with a sheep.

It’s challenging to choose a park for a profile that offers just as much enjoyment in the winter as it does in more warmer months. However, Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park (3825 West Farm Road, Springfield, 417-837-5949) fits firmly into that description. We adore it for its adaptability to families and its community-building activities that celebrate the seasons.

The 207-acre park offers year-round farm-themed activities that delight children. Numerous additional creatures, including hens, pheasants, cows, and wallowing pigs, are also available to watch and handle, including goats, miniature horses, and lambs. Even the multi-level playground has a farm motif, resembling a large red barn and offering lots of opportunities to climb, slide, and hide. If you’re that sort of parent, you may browse the gift shop or stay far away from it. Additionally, you can get some exercise while keeping up with the kids as they consume all things animal-related.

Check out one of the top year-round, family-friendly activities in the area as you go into the frigid winter days and seek ideas for some outdoor fun.

Love of Animals

This is where Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park gets its heart and soul. The 207-acre park offers children the chance to see farm animals including pigs wallowing in the mud, goats crawling around their cages, miniature horses and donkeys, fluffy lambs, and feathered companions like chicks and turkeys. There are chances to learn about farming during special events and at the animal barn, where visitors may act out the process of milking a dairy cow.

For Relaxing Nights Out

The autumnal trinity of warm marshmallow s’mores, crisp fall air, and a starry night sky is irresistible. You may schedule a campfire at the quaint outdoor fire pit at Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park by making an appointment. The roasting sticks, hot dogs, and marshmallows are on you; you provide the wood for the fire and the seats.

For holiday adventurers

Despite the end of fall activities like Rutledge-Harvest Wilson’s Fest, which featured a pumpkin farm and corn maze, the winter holiday season is just getting started. Every holiday season, the park puts on Candy Cane Lane, a drive-through light show with more than 10,000 lights dispersed among several farm-themed sceneries. The festival will begin the next month on December 3-5, 10-12, and 17-19 from 5-8 p.m.; entry is $5 per car.

For Kids Who Love Adventure

Children who want to run about may also explore the park by climbing on the multi-story playground with a barn motif. And if they don’t use all of their excitable energy there, they may scurry across to the section where there are pedal tractors close to the tourist centre. Additionally, people may walk down to the pond and spend $5 per person fishing there. It is stocked with fish, and the visitor centre sells equipment and bait rentals. Only catch-and-release fishing is allowed, allowing you to enjoy the sport without having to bring anything back to your house.

Simply said, free kid-friendly entertainment is the best! Animal food containers are available for purchase for $4 each. The little ones may handle and feed mini horses, chickens, goats, cows, and other animals. A wonderful playground for children is available, and there are picnic tables and shade for parents. Really a lovely site to spend a day with the family. Visit with your loved ones and enjoy to be a child with your loved ones.