Day: February 1, 2023

Kids having fun at the playhouse.

Bigger is supposedly better, although none of us has ever been completely convinced of this. People under the age of 10 are typically the citizens whose advice we value the most. Itty Bitty City, an imaginative play facility for children aged 8 and under, debuted in Springfield, and everyone was naturally thrilled. It is every child’s fantasy to see it at 3640 S. Campbell Ave. in Springfield.

Conceiving Itty Bitty City Idea

Rechkemmer spent eight years working for and two years leading the education department at The Discovery Center of Springfield prior to staying at home with her children. She and her husband, Craig, came up with the idea for Itty Bitty City a little over a year ago when they were having trouble finding a family-friendly New Year’s Eve trip. Despite the fact that their children, who are now 8 and 10, are a little older than the target audience for Itty Bitty City, the family places a high priority on imaginative play. What relevance does that have to Itty Bitty City’s goals? Playology, which Rechkemmer defines as “the art and science of learning via play,” is where it all begins, in her opinion.

Thus, the workers in Itty Bitty City are “playologists.” The work of a playologist isn’t all fun and games, make no mistake. Working at Itty Bitty City is beneficial experience for the majority of the employees since they are studying early childhood development, primary teaching, or theatre.

Mesmerizing View of the Itty Bitty City

As you enter Itty Bitty City, you experience wonder. Where should I start? The Main Street strip is made up of two long walls of play enterprises and six standalone structures. The structures are incredibly intricate and have mailboxes for children and flower boxes all over them. Kids may play shopper or cashier at the store, which is loaded with fresh produce. In the Itty Bitty Animal Hospital, where they coo over plush red pandas and three-toed sloths, you can observe youngsters hard at work. There is a nursing room, a 17-foot-long train table, and a birthday celebration area that also serves as a learning centre.

Kids can dress up as the local mailman, police officers who protect the peace, or firefighters who come to the rescue. Next to the fire station, a home marked “rescue” sputters, with orange fabric flames leaping from the top. Rechkemmer laughs and states, “It’s a losing endeavour.

Itty Bitty’s Educational Side

Itty Bitty City provides educational story times, lectures, and workshops in addition to creative play. The area is totally ADA accessible and might be a resource for parents who wish to monitor their child’s growth. Rechkemmer believes it’s wonderful for parents to be able to see how their children are growing and relating to others. Itty Bitty City encourages unrestrained creativity and provides children with tools to explore their ideas and wildest ambitions. One thing is certain: It’s okay to be little.

Visit Itty Bitty City anytime time throughout the week and get your kids a cute journey of a world which they long wish for. This trip is definitely going to be the best memory of your kids.