Travel To These Top Restaurants In Tampa FL That Are Extra Special

For this round of top restaurants in the great state of Florida, we are going to visit the city of Tampa. There are well over 2000 restaurants there, and you know how popular of a spot Tampa is within the sunshine state. When do you plan to visit Tampa? After looking at these restaurants, you might even change your plans to travel now. Maybe you are already about to be in Tampa, Florida, and in that case, these restaurants welcome you.

Wright’s Gourmet House isn’t just one of the top restaurants in the city. It is the top establishment, and you can find it on South Dale Mabry Highway. Have you had a beef martini because I sure haven’t! That sounds like something you have to try just to say you tried it. Hey, just be glad you aren’t in Utah being told to try Rocky Mountain Oysters. In all seriousness, this place serves up delicious food, and the menu highlights say that they have an excellent chocolate cake for dessert.

You need a good steakhouse for your visit to Tampa, wouldn’t you agree? Imagine it sitting in front of you on your plate right now. It would look so nice, and you are going to have a great time at Bern’s Steakhouse. This establishment is found on South Howard Avenue. While the steak is the main draw, there is some kind of chocolate dessert shown in a picture for the place that looks amazing.

Now let’s stop by the Oxford Exchange in Tampa, Florida. It is neat getting a virtual look at these restaurants beforehand, isn’t it? Oxford Exchange is found on West Kennedy Boulevard, and it isa a popular spot for brunch the reviewers say. One of the menu highlights is sweet potato fries. More and more restaurants seem to be serving those these days, have you noticed? Crispy sweet potato french fries certainly sound scrumptious.

We have time for one more top Tampa restaurant. It is The Columbia Restaurant on East 7th Avenue. To give you an idea of what you might eat there, imagine a huge Cuban sandwich that is just mouth watering. Don’t forget to try some other authentic Cuban dishes, and reviewers say the Cuban bread is delicious as well. Now those four top Tampa FL restaurants should help you know where to grab your bite to eat while in the city.